Saturday, 7 July 2012

Computer Operating System in Pen Drive

Save your computer with A pen drive

We've been doing a series on the humble USB pen drive these last few weeks and it's and capable of  more than just storing data. Today you'll now how to bring your computer back from hell with a USB drive.

 Your computer is completly infected with virus and malware that you can't even run an antivirus software. In simples steps, Do the following:-

Step 1: Install UNetBootIn-which allows an OS to be installed on a external. UNetBootIn Software Download Here

Step 2: Install Ubuntu OS on the USB drive.

Step 3: If computer crashes, boot up the UBUNTU OS, and run UBUNTU based antivirus software scans to clean the computer.
                 If you do this, the viruses will be unable to do anything to stop you, bacause viruses are OS specific and mostly designed to work on windows, and UBUNTU is impervious to all that.


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