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Panasonic Point and Shoot Digital Camera

Panasonic ZS20
Panasonic Lumix ZS20 14.1 MP High Sensitivity MOS Digital Camera


Powerful 20x Optical Zoom
The DMC-ZS20's powerful 20x optical zoom (35mm camera equivalent: 24-480mm) draws your subjects right up close, and lets you freely capture decisive sports scenes, along with the natural expressions of people and animals, and details that you can't even see with your bare eyes

In addition, this single camera lets you record 20x zoom in video recording. It makes the DMC-ZS20 twice as attractive.

20x Optical Zoom

Intelligent Resolution Technology
40x Intelligent Zoom
The Intelligent Zoom is an extensive zoom function using digital zoom, however, you can even draw the subject 2x closer than the original optical zoom with minimum deterioration of image quality thanks to the Intelligent Resolution technology. This means the 20x optical can virtually extend to 40x equivalent.

24mm Ultra Wide-Angle Lens
24mm Ultra Wide-angle Lens
The 24mm ultra wide-angle lens* — rare on a compact camera — gives you a wider range of composition possibilities with approx. 213% larger viewing space compared to that of 35mm camera. The super-high-quality LEICA DC lens minimizes distortion at the wide end.

*Converted to standard 35mm camera equivalent, at the wide-end.

Leica Optical Technology
Newly developed LEICA DC lens system that achieves both high image quality and small size is redesigned to further extend its powerful zoom to 20x (35mm camera equivalent: 24-480mm). Comprising 12 elements in 10 groups including 3 aspherical lenses with 6 aspherical surfaces and 2 ED lenses, adoption of ultra thin lens for its new structure optical system makes the unit's overall length short to fit in the slim body despite its versatile zoom range from 24mm ultra wide-angle to 20x telephoto.

Nano Surface Coating
Nano Surface Coating
The Panasonic's black box technology Nano Surface Coating boasts extremely low reflectance ratio and it is applied to DMC-ZS20 for exceptional optical performance with stunning clarity by minimizing flaring and ghosts.

The POWER O.I.S. (Optical Image Stabilizer) suppresses the low-frequency vibration hand-shake component, which is physically generated when pressing the shutter button or when shooting at night with a slow shutter speed. The POWER O.I.S. also works for powerful zoom shots, which are especially susceptible to hand-shake in a compact camera. Active mode is effective for video recording.



14.1-megapixel MOS Sensor
The 14.1-megapixel High Sensitivity MOS sensor is newly developed for the DMC-ZS20 for even higher image quality. This boasts better S/N ratio compared with the 14.1-megapixel MOS sensor in the DMC-ZS20. Together with the performance of the Venus Engine, quality of image shot in low-lit situations is dramatically improved reducing the noise to its half level*.

* At ISO1600, Panasonic measurement.

Venus Engine
The DMC-ZS20's Venus Engine processes large amount of progressive full HD data at high speed. At the same time, the multi-task image-processing engine, the Venus Engine realizes a super-fast response time.

Intelligent Noise Reduction System
The excellent S/N ratio of the MOS sensor and the Intelligent Noise Reduction system in the Venus Engine make both photos and videos shot at any sensitivity from low to high and boast outstanding clearness.

Multi-process Noise Reduction System
Newly developed Multi-process Noise Reduction applies optimum noise reduction according to the brightness of the part of the image. Images recorded in low-lit situations are now dramatically clear.

Intelligent HDR
The DMC-ZS20 integrates Intelligent HDR (High Dynamic Range) in the iA Mode. Several still pictures consecutively shot at different exposure levels are overlaid to produce a single composite picture without whiteout (over-exposure) or blackout (under-exposure). The HDR Mode is also available in the Scene Mode.

Intelligent HDR

Intelligent Resolution Technology
Apart from the uniform enhancement of sharpness, the innovative technology Intelligent Resolution precisely performs signal processing pixel by pixel in the most effective way according to the area. As a result, images are naturally clear and crisp.


1920 x 1080 60p (NTSC) Full HD Video in AVCHD Progressive Format
The DMC-ZS20 can record high-resolution full HD 1,920 x 1,080 60p (NTSC) videos in AVCHD Progressive (MPEG-4 / H.264) format. Upgrading the full HD recording capability from interlaced to progressive, subjects with fast motion or fine details are reproduced even more clearly.

HD Video Chart

MP4 Format Recording
The DMC-ZS20 can also record full HD 1,920 x 1,080 30p (NTSC) videos in MP4 format. This format is suitable for editing videos on a computer or uploading those to websites.

60 (NTSC) Progressive Recording
1080/60p (progressive) conveys about twice the information of 1080i (interlace) recording. Whereas interlacing requires two images to produce a complete picture, the progressive method records a single image as a complete picture. It creates intricate detail and silky smooth motion. Even when subjects move quickly, afterimages are minimized to create more natural images.

Interlaced Scanning
Only half of the image data is reproduced in each picture.

Progressive Scanning
Reproduces all of image data in a single picture.

* These are standard times taken at a temperature of 23°C (73.4°F) and a humidity of 50%RH. The time available for recording varies depending on the environment, the interval between recordings, and the manner of use. Actual recordable time is the time available for recording when repeating actions such as switching the power supply [ON]/[OFF], starting/stopping recording, zoom operation, etc.
• [For NTSC Areas] Maximum time to record motion pictures continuously with [AVCHD] is 29 minutes 59 seconds. (Excluding when [GS] or [SH] is set) Motion pictures in [MP4] can be recorded continuously for up to 29 minutes 59 seconds. Also, motion picture recorded continuously in [MP4] is up to 4 GB. Also, motion picture recorded continuously in [MP4] is up to 4 GB. • The length of recording time depends on the capacity of the SD/SDHC/SDXC Memory Card. •Use a card with SD Speed Class* with "Class 4" or higher when recording videos. * SD Speed Class is the speed standard regarding continuous writing.

Power O.I.S.

The POWER O.I.S. with Active Mode
The Active Mode effectively suppresses blur in video recording especially at wide angle while walking or playing with your children. In addition, it's an optical system so there's no image degradation. It's especially good for active video shooting.

High Quality Sound
High Quality Sound
Incorporating a stereo zoom microphone, the videos also come with the high-quality stereo sound of Dolby® Digital Stereo Creator, to offer highly realistic sound to the video. Mechanical noise caused by a zooming operation is suppressed to improve the clearness.

• Dolby and the double-D symbol are trademarks of Dolby Laboratories.

20x Optical Zoom in Video Recording
The powerful 20x optical zoom with 2-step zoom function is available in video recording.

* The video is optimized for web view by file conversion

Auto Wind Cut Function
The Auto Wind Cut function is also available to block out most of the noise from background wind automatically making the human voice to stand out.

Creative Control
The Creative Control renders highly unique expressions by matching the colors to your subject and surroundings. In Miniature Effect Mode, the video recorded is played back in 10x fast-forwarding making it more comical to watch*.

* Sound will not be recorded with Miniature Effect in Creative Control Mode and approximately 1/10 of the time period is recorded. (If you record for 10 minutes, the resulting motion picture recording will be approximately 1 minute long.)

High-speed Video
High-speed videos at 220 fps in QVGA size (320 x 240 pixels) let you capture scenes that you can't see with the naked eye, and play them back in dramatic slow motion.

These functions are also available:

iA (Intelligent Auto) Mode / Scene Mode: The camera makes the optimal settings automatically.

Still Image Recording: It is possible to take still image while recording video simultaneously*.
* The picture size is fixed to 3.5-megapixel (16:9).

Cut Animation: You can cut out a clear still image from a video in the camera thanks to the Intelligent Resolution technology.

Video Divide: You can divide a single video into two parts using only the camera.


Creative Control / Creative Retouch
You can add different effects by applying one of the filters both in the recording mode (Creative Control) and the playback mode (Creative Retouch).

Panorama Shot
The Panorama Shot Mode makes it is possible to shoot a 360-degree horizontal / vertical panoramic image with consequent shots taken by overlaying the previous picture.

Auto Retouch
The Auto Retouch function adjusts contrast and brightness to give different impression to the photo with just a press of a button. Appropriate retouch is automatically applied depending on the image — if the image was shot too dark, it can be clear and bright to look it nicer with this function.

Intelligent Handheld Night Shot
The Intelligent Handheld Night Shot in the iA Mode generates a beautiful night scenery with illumination by multi-layering the images shot consecutively. Bright, glamorous night scenery can be recorded without using a tripod. The Handheld Night Shot Mode is also available in the Scene Mode.

3D Photo Mode
3D Photo Mode
The 3D Photo Mode* produces a 3D image in the camera. The image-processing method used by LUMIX records beautiful images with less distortion or visible image links.


Light Speed AF
0.1 sec Light Speed AF
The DMC-ZS20 boasts the approx. 0.1 second of Light Speed AF that helps to catch even the most fleeting photo opportunities. You can quickly focus on moving subjects, such as when you're shooting sports scenes or animals.

10 fps with 14.1-megapixel Full Resolution
The newly developed MOS sensor lets the DMC-ZS20 shoot 10 fps in 14-megapixel full resolution with mechanical shutter. You can take a series of shots, then choose the ones you like the best and delete the rest.

5 fps / 2 fps with AF Tracking
You can snap off consecutive shots at approx. 5 fps or 2 fps with AF Tracking.

60 fps in 3.5-megapixel Resolution
Even higher-speed burst shooting is possible when the electronic shutter is used.

Intelligent Burst Mode
The Intelligent Burst Shooting automatically sets the frame rate of burst shooting according to the subject's movement.

Touch AF Tracking
Once the AF subject is selected by touch control, it continues to track the subject even if it moves until you press the shutter. When you're taking images of active children, pets, sports scenes or subjects in a moving object, this function eliminates the need to press the shutter button halfway down repeatedly to readjust the focus.

These functions are also available:

Fast Start-up Time: The parallel processing of software achieves ultra high-speed start-ups.

Flash Burst Mode: You can take consecutive flash shots without having to wait for the flash to recharge*.
* Max. 5 images. In 3-megapixel (4:3), 2.5-megapixel (3:2), 2-megapixel (16:9) or 2.5-megapixel (1:1) recording.


iA (Intelligent Auto) Mode
In the iA (Intelligent Auto) Mode, the camera does all the work, leaving you free to compose shots and capture moments in both photo and video recording. The Intelligent Resolution technology, 40x Intelligent Zoom and Intelligent Burst are always activated in the iA Mode.

Shake Detection –POWER O.I.S.*1
Gyrosensors detect hand-shaking and the O.I.S. lens shifts to compensate, helping prevent blurring caused by hand-shaking.

Motion Deblur
The Motion Deblur Mode*2 judges the appropriate shutter speed and suppresses motion blur. The shutter speed rises as high as possible activating the high-sensitivity recording by pixel mixed readout method.

Motion Detection – Intelligent ISO Control*3
The Intelligent ISO Control function detects subject movement and automatically adjusts the ISO setting and shutter speed to best suit the movement and light conditions.

Face Recognition*4
The Face Recognition function remembers faces that have been registered in the camera and provides the faces with optimal focus and exposure.

Face Detection – Face Detection AF/AE*1
The Face Detection function detects faces anywhere in the frame and automatically chooses the optimal focus and exposure. The Face Detection also features the Digital Red-eye Correction (Red-eye Removal) in photo recording.

Subject Detection – AF Tracking
Once you focus on your subject, the AF Tracking automatically and continuously tracks it and keeps it in focus and proper exposure.

Scene Detection – Intelligent Scene Selector*5
The Intelligent Scene Selector senses the ambient conditions and automatically selects one of Scene Modes: Photo (Scenery, Portrait, Macro, Night Portrait*6, Night Scenery, Sunset or Handheld Night Shot), Video (Scenery, Portrait, Macro or Low Light).

Happy Mode
The Happy Mode optimizes color, saturation and brightness to make images more vivid and true to the color of the scene you remember.

Light Detection – Intelligent Exposure*1
The Intelligent Exposure corrects the brightness in parts of the image that are too dark due to insufficient lighting, backlighting or use of the flash. This produces natural images that are close to the way they actually look to the human eyes.

Intelligent HDR (High Dynamic Range)
Several still pictures consecutively shot at different exposure levels are overlaid to produce a single composite picture without whiteout (over-exposure) or blackout (under-exposure).

*1 The POWER O.I.S., Face Detection AF/AE, and Intelligent Exposure are automatically turned on in the iA Mode and can be turned on or off in the P/A/S/M Mode or some Scene Modes.
*2 The picture size may be reduced.
*3 The Intelligent ISO Control is automatically turned on in the iA Mode and can be turned on or off in the P/A Mode or some Scene Modes.
*4 Turn the Face Recognition ON and register the person with full-face portrait on the shooting menu in advance.
Recognition performance varies greatly depending on shooting conditions, i.e., according to factors such as angles, facial expression and lighting, so operation under all conditions cannot be guaranteed. Because the camera searches for faces that are similar to registered faces, there are cases where the faces are not correctly recognized when the registered image and the shooting image varies much. When facial characteristics are similar, particularly between parents and their children or brothers and sisters, the camera may not distinguish the faces.
*5 With some subject and shooting conditions, it is just not possible to judge the best shooting details. When this happens, it is recommended that you shoot with the Scene Mode that best suits your purpose.
*6 In the iA Mode, the Night Portrait is not identified when the flash is turned off.

Easy Manual Control / Custom Mode
The DMC-ZS20 provides easy-to-use manual controls. A total of 4 custom setting patterns can also be memorized to the camera (1 on C1 and 3 on C2).

Manual Exposure Mode
You can set both the aperture and shutter speed. The Manual Exposure Assist function shows how much your setting differs from the setting the camera considers optimal. This serves as a convenient guide for anyone using the Manual Exposure Mode.

Aperture-priority Mode
The Aperture-priority mode lets you open the aperture up wide for impressive portraits and flowers with softly focused backgrounds.

Shutter-priority Mode
Fast shutter speeds can be used to freeze moving subjects, and slow shutter speeds can create a motion blur that exaggerates the feeling of movement.

3.0-inch, 460K-dot Smart Touch-screen
The large 3.0-inch LCD lets you operate the auto focus and shutter release at the same time with just a touch. When playing back, you can drag the image across the screen with a finger to browse a collection of photos, or scroll the map to play geo-tagged images.

AC / USB Battery Charging
The DMC-ZS20 newly complies with USB power charging in addition to the conventional AC power supply. The energy-saving Venus Engine and the efficient, rechargeable lithium-ion battery let you take approx. 260 shots on a single battery charge*.

* Based on the CIPA standard.

Marine Case Compatible
The DMC-ZS20 is compatible with the optional marine case DMW-MCTZ30. This case will protect your LUMIX camera all the way to a depth of 40 meters. It lets you take clear, beautiful photos underwater.


3D Image Viewer / VIERA Link)
Photos or videos recorded in AVCHD on SD/SDHC/SDXC Memory Cards are easy to view on a Panasonic VIERA TV. Simply insert the card into the VIERA Image Viewer (SD/SDHC/SDXC Memory Card slot) on VIERA TV or Blu-ray Disc™ players to playback your contents.

With the DMC-ZS20, you can use an optional HDMI mini cable to output images you took from the camera directly to the TV for VIERA Link. The pictures taken with the 3D Photo Mode via the 3D Image Viewer offers you a whole new exciting experience.

• The HDMI output function requires the optional RP-CDHM15/CDHM30 HDMI mini cable. Please confirm that the TV you are connecting to has an HDMI input terminal compatible with the selected signal. Depending on the cable used, some functions may not be possible. Panasonic HDMI cables are highly recommended.
• AVCHD motion images recorded with AVCHD-compatible digital video cameras cannot be played on the DMC-ZS20. • AVCHD motion images recorded onto an SD/SDHC/SDXC Memory Card or a DVD disc cannot be played on a device that does not support the AVCHD standard. • SDHC Memory Cards and SDXC Memory Cards can be used only in equipment that is compatible with their respective formats. • If the computer being used does not support SDXC Memory Cards, a message prompting you to format may appear. (Doing so will cause recorded images to be erased so do not choose to format.) If the card is not recognized, please refer to the support site.

LUMIX Image Uploader
You can upload images to Facebook™ (photos) and YouTube™ (videos) with simple operation.

* LUMIX Image Uploader starts up automatically on the computer if the supplied software "PHOTOfunSTUDIO Ver. 6.0" or later is installed.
In other case, start up the menu by double-clicking the file "LUMIXUP.EXE" in the folder below:
[My Computer] > [Removable Disk] > DCIM > AD_LUMIX (Windows)
• Facebook is a registered trademark or trademark of Facebook, Inc.
• YouTube is a registered trademark or trademark of Google Inc.

The PHOTOfunSTUDIO 8.1 Premium Edition makes it possible to sort and organize photos and videos not only of those newly taken but also of those stored in your computer with quick start-up and fast read-in of images.
Recorded videos can be edited with the Short Movie Story function and written into MPEG2 to burn onto a BD / DVD disc. You can also enjoy making photos and videos slideshows with a variety of effects and use your iTunes music library as background music. It is also possible to put a title or add comments on the scene utilizing the information from the people's names registered in Face Recognition.

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